Monday, December 9, 2013

Balancing the Christmas Distractions, I mean Inspirations!

I have mentioned the balancing act that I struggle with when it comes to allowing myself to work on projects other than jewellery.  (The previous post on that topic is here.)  Well, Christmas-time magnifies this dilemma for me.  There is a desire to present new exciting jewellery pieces at the myriad of craft fairs throughout the holiday season, but I also used to, (long, long ago,) make Christmas gifts for people, as well as tackle crafty projects in general.  This has fallen by the wayside in recent years, since I've gone 'entrepreneurial'.  The regret of projects not tackled, in lieu of jewellery, gets tiresome to be quite honest.  So as this festive season ramps up, I've just chosen to seize upon my success with being most productive in the mornings and into the afternoons (and so I make jewellery then), and I leave the afternoons or evenings open to different creative whims.  It's working!  I have found a balance of sorts. 

Above are some heat-coloured, folded copper bird ornaments that I thought had a whimsical appeal.  The inspiration came from a bird on my advent calendar, and I went with it.  These will be available along with my jewellery, at the Anna Templeton Christmas Tea & Sale this coming weekend Dec. 13,14, & 15th.  This is the last event for Susan Lee Studios this year!  Below are some new pieces you can find at my booth located at the back of the second floor.
7 brand new photo-etched Porthole necklaces

Roller-printed reversible necklace and earrings in sterling.

Photo-etched brooch and necklace in sterling silver.

May this festive season bring joy to your household that spills on and on into the new year.