Saturday, January 2, 2016

A brand new year.

2016 still smells new and fresh, and I'm looking forward with anticipation to having some time to explore the new projects that have been waiting too long on the back burner.

While a couple of them are jewellery related, most are more sculptural in form.  I also have some print making ideas I'd like to try out.  I know from past experience that the long slow winter months when I can work on these ides will pass all too quickly. So I'm eager to get started!

One idea further examines the theme of habitat encroachment, that I have explored in previous sculptural work.  And it requires me to order a new tool - that's always a bonus!  I want to create a bunch of metal spirals that depict a variety of silhouetted landscapes. These spirals could then be interconnected in a variety of ways to depict different natural vs. manmade environmental scenarios, and the degree to which they intermingle. The tool I'm going to order will be a deeper throated jeweller's saw, as the one I have now only has a 6" throat and that will limit how long I can make each spiral.

I'm also thinking of submitting a proposal to the Arts Council, who currently have a call for proposals out for the creation of their annual awards. I've never submitted a proposal like this before, but I have an idea for some small sculptures that I think would be just the right form for an award. They would be similar to the silhouetted tree shadow boxes I've done on the past, but triangular shape to give them a more three dimensional form.  The trick will be to compose a proposal that adequately conveys my idea!  It will be be a learning experience, whether I'm granted the project or not.

The third sculptural series I'm keen to make I've had on and off the back burner for some time. It is a series of rocking birds - pierced and etched to give them visual texture. I had started one of them, hoping to have it ready for the Craft Council's annual member's show this past summer, but production work and life got in the way. At
least it is started though, and that can sometimes be half the battle!

In terms of prints, I have designed a couple of art books, but I've gotten no further than that with them - yet. One is an autobiography of the moon, and another is a three dimensional mushroom shaped book incorporating felt. I've also been photographing beaver lodges with the thought of making a series that explores the idea of "home".

So I have no shortage of ideas, and for that I am grateful! While I do wish I had more time to execute them all, a worse fate would be to not be able to think of what to make next!  So, as I wish for myself, I wish also to all of my readers - a brand new year full of inspiration that pulls you in exciting new directions. Find the passion in 2016 and grab hold of it!