Monday, February 7, 2011

Not Clods of Dirt

On my way up the snowy lane towards my house on the weekend, I saw ahead of me on the road what appeared to be two dirty clods that might have fallen from the underside of a vehicle in this messy winter weather. But then they moved. Above are the "clods" I saw, after they jumped the bank and found a safe vantage point from which to assess the threat I posed.

This week is another one that is short on fine baubles to show you. We've been studying art history from a jewellery perspective in the mornings, and surface design in the afternoons. With the days split up like this we will have another week in the same format later in the semester in order to complete the requirements for both these courses. Our instructor for these courses is Valerie Davidson ( , she does some very creative custom work using children's drawings). In surface design we've been introduced to several ways of altering the metal's texture or colour to increase the dramatic affect that can then be incorporated into a jewellery design. Sandblasting is a texture I could see using in the future, though I'll have to research small studio models to see if they're anywhere near affordable. Heat coloring is very subject to chance and will change over time, as will the patinas we're learning. So those will require further experimentation to find ones I'm pleased with in the long run. My fusing and liver of sulfur sample came out well, (it is pictured above). And I've written down some techniques I'd like to try for using a bit of gold when I get the opportunity (and money!).

I'd like to share another link with you: creates fabulous sculptural works that often incorporate wordplay in their execution. For art history we were to choose a Canadian jeweler whom we admired and prepare a presentation of their work. I love the detail of construction in her pieces, and find the integration of wordplay and stories as part of her sculptures very appealing.


The week was broken up with a snow day on Wenesday, and a quick visit with my sister and nephew on Thursday. So it's hardly felt like a "nose-to-the-grindstone" week at all! And on Saturday I found a new painter to love when I visited the Rail's End Gallery. I only wish her blog was more current : , she has a piece called Winter Light in a group exhibit there.

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