Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last weekend I took some family on a ski through the sculpture forest.  There was a lot less snow than when I'd first skiied it and I saw sculptures that I'd missed entirely the first time.  The pan-pipe playing goat pictured above is my new favorite.  Everyone should have one of these I think; maybe a small one to carry in your pocket, or a large one to sit outside your front door.

I always pick my favorites. Even when it doesn't matter. Which ikea kitchen do I prefer; which sports car (I don't even want a sports car!)... Our second fabrication week took top spot for the creative freedom we were given. I've decided this week is my favorite for new techniques learned. Stone setting ideas are percolating like mad. I wanted to make MORE samples. MORE. Yes! samples!. I had long believed I was allergic to samples, but this week I may have conquered it once and for all. I made bezels from 1mm thick silver, "crazy thick" I thought, but in fact very do-able and effective for many things. I also set a 1.7mm, 3 point black diamond in a flush setting and made a "beaded" prong setting with .8mm prongs. That's so much smaller than anything I've ever done before. I'm so excited to put these new diverse skills to use.

For my final assignment I made something I think I will submit for the Annual Member's Exhibit at Devon House this year.  I'm only giving you a sneak peak of it because I'm not sure ethically whether I should show something I intend to submit for an exhibit.  But I'm so happy with it!! 

I am sorry not to be in St.John's this weekend. Wesley Harris, silversmith and jeweller extraordinaire, has an exhibit opening at the Gallery at Devon House. To read an interview about his work follow this link to the Canadian Metal Arts guild site: , his is the third (right now) artist profiled on the home page.  Below is information on the Devon House opening.

With the ongoing tragedy in Japan my Metal Clay Heads Team on Etsy has put together a treasury of items in support of relief for the victims of the disaster.  If you'd like to help out AND own a fine item of craft please check out this link:

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