Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taking a Break

The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is located right next to Haliburton School of the Arts in Glebe Park.  In the summer you can hike the trail that winds amongst the sculptures, but in the winter it is integrated into the Glebe Park Ski Trail System and walkers are not permitted.  Glad I brought my skiis!  The sculptures are given an additional sculptural element when covered in snow.  Some I had to look hard to find them at all, others just seemed to have nestled themselves in scarves of snow for the season.  It will be interesting to walk the trail in the spring after the snow is gone and get a different perspective.  Above is a detail from one of the first sculptures on the trail, Dreaming Stones, by Kevin Lockau.  Below are a selection of my favorites from the rest of the Forest.

Sound Vessel: Forest
by D.Dickson and A.Doolittle
(this sculpture has tall wind chimes inside - very neat)

Beaver: Large Beaver Contemplates Lamp post
(created by the arts students at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, with support from artists M.A.Barkhouse and M.Belmore)

Moose Scraps
by L.Spa
(his nose is made of horseshoes)

Sleep of the Huntress
by D.Stephens
(she was completely hidden in her blanket of snow, but that didn't make for a very good photo!)

A Walk in the Woods in Haliburton
by M.E.Farrow

Standing Figure
by C.O'Neil
(I skiied right past this one and had to backtrack to find it)

It was with sighs of longing that I read through the newly released course calendar for the Haliburton School of the Arts summer sessions this week.  It's only a three hour drive north from Toronto, so if you're in the neighbourhood this summer, maybe you'd like to check out a creative workshop.  Shoe-making? Chainsaw Carving?  Encaustic Painting?  Millinery?  Most workshops are a week in duration.

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