Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another new avenue on my map

I've taught my first jewellery workshop.  Phew!  And Yay!  "Pierced and Soldered Ring Bands" was hosted by Peyton Barrett and her family at their studios in Sandy Point.  What a beautiful setup they have there.  Bright and spacious, with different workrooms for different tasks, as well as a little retail shop.  We were made to feel most welcome there, and she cooked for us too!  Divine! 

In terms of the workshop, I do believe it was a successful experience for everyone.  This was my first experience teaching adults, and I found it far less stressful than teaching kids.  I've only done that in a very limited capacity, but remember feeling utterly drained during and afterwards!  Adults are much better at intuitive self-directed learning.  I think I managed to help everyone in some way, even those who were somewhat familiar with the techniques I was showing them.  So that was rewarding.  You can see the fruits of our labours in the photo at the top.  I will make a few adjustments to my lesson plan if I teach it again, but the aspect I was most concerned about: the pacing, was pretty close to accurate for the time we had allotted for the workshop.   I think the time and planning I put into this first lesson plan were well worth it.   

A huge thank-you to my "guinea pig" class, you were most agreeable and hard-working!  And of course to Pete for getting the ball rolling in so many ways.  
Now I must more thoroughly tackle the lesson plan for my next workshop at the Anna Templeton Centre, "Piercing and Riveting"...  


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