Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, this must be why I did that MUN certificate.

I started taking distance education courses at Memorial University a few years ago, when I was still working full-time as a welder, to earn my Certificate in Post-Secondary Education.  Jewellery was still a part-time activity for me then, and I had a vague idea that I might teach welding one day.  But my passions shifted over the years, and now jewellery is what keeps my creative juices flowing on a daily basis.  I kept plugging away at my certificate, however, since I'm not one to leave loose ends dangling and I completed it last year.  Now, with people asking on occasion if I could please show them how to do this or that jewellery skill, I've decided to put together a couple of lesson plans for beginning techniques in metalworking for jewellers.

At the top of my blog you'll notice I've added a new tab: Workshops.  So far, I've got three coming up for this spring.  The first is in Sandy Point, and will be a great weekend of ring-making, hosted by the effervescent Pete Barrett.  (Oh, you'll die for her "flummies", so delicious!)  She can arrange billeting if you're not sure where to stay in Central.  The second (already sold out!) and third workshops are being hosted by the Anna Templeton Centre in downtown St. John's.  A wonderfully historic building, bound to get your creativity flowing, as we make pierced and riveted pendants, earrings, and keychains (hint hint, now that's something a fellow might like to make isn't it?).  Click on the Workshop tab to get all the registration details for each. 

As an avid workshop junkie myself, I love seeing the varied results when students are provided with the same skills and materials.  We each bring such personal interpretation to our creative practice, and I'm so excited to be able to provide a bit of a basis for those who want to see what jewellery-making has to offer.

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