Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I'm gathering from this turkey's display that they travel in harems.  He puffed up like this and shepherded all his ladies into the woods when he spotted me at my window.  I can't imagine meeting one eye to eye.  Though he certainly looks tastier for Thanksgiving dinner when he's puffy like this.

Last week and this week our instructor is Michaela Wolfert (http://www.kehladesign.com/).  It was quite a change of pace last week.  Our only samples were tubing and then a hinge.  Other than that we focused all our energy on designing and making a pendant.  Many of us incorporated our hinge into the design.  But first, tubing.  Why make tubing you (as did many of us) might ask?  Well, commercially available tubing only comes in so many sizes and wall thicknesses.  So if you're designing a tubular stone setting or a hinge of very particular specifications, then you might choose to make it yourself.  Commercial tubing on the other hand may be preferable if your not too particular about the wall thickness, and the major bonus is it's seamless so it won't split as easily when strained, or repeatedly soldered.  So it was a worthwhile exercise, but we were all relieved to have it behind us!

I'm sharing images of some of my classmates work this week.  There were some very exciting and complicated designs tackled by everyone.  Here's some highlights:

Chantel Rusaw
Roller printed the surface texture of this locket and even the clasp on the side as well, the recessed deer was oxidized with a patient hand.

Ashley Neville
This locket hinges at the top and opens to receive different fabric inserts to match your mood!

Tracey McDonald
Very patiently sculpted this rose and joined the three bezels below it to beautiful effect.

Brittney Howe
I've shown the lid open on the wee compartment she created in this teardrop pendant set with two stones. Hers was the tiniest hinge in class.

And my pendant.  Hinged at the top and opens to reveal....

the nest hidden behind the grass.

This post was late because I spent the weekend in Toronto with some classmates taking in the One of a Kind Show.  There's a different atmosphere at the spring show than at the Christmas one.  It was quite nice.  And we ate delicious Ethiopian food (Ethiopian House at Yonge and Irwin).  Also caught up with some family over a very tasty brunch on Sunday.  But now I must get back to the studio, Surface Decoration 3 this week!  Lots of samples, fun, fun, fun!

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