Monday, May 16, 2011

A few 'snaps': The last link in the chain of events.

The fun of jewellery is in the making.  I do not find the fun in the labeling, pricing, packaging, and photographing.  Not so much.  It has become the necessary tedium.  So today, with the hint a a little sunshine, after days of dreariness, I decided I'd change up the tedium a bit and try photographing my new jewellery outside.  Usually I use a lightbox, with somewhat, but not very adequate lights, and a branch to hang the jewellery on placed in the box.  However the branch is not exactly horizontal, nor is it inclined to remain steady.  It is an exercise in extreme patience to photograph things on it.  Earrings especially.  They wiggle, and twist.  So, outside I went.  While I don't think I saved time doing it out there, I think the fresh air was calming.  And there were flowers.  There were, inevitably, different variables to contend with; ah, yes: the wind, and the branches that are ideal for hanging jewellery seem (right now, in this time of barely spring) to be growing unnecessarily close to the ground.  But I was, overall, pleased with the results.  Here's some of what I've made recently and will be selling in the lobby of the Sheraton this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the National RCMP Veteran's Association Convention:  (The last image shows a bit of my set up for taking the pictures outside.) (AND if anyone wants to offer a tutorial on aligning photos in Blogs without having to know HTML, I'd be eternally grateful!!!)

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