Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crystalline Collaboration

Friday and Saturday at Alexis Templeton's studio were great fun.  She had made a selection of porcelain cabochons and glazed them in crystalline glazes.  What precious little gems!  The jewellery process is slow going and challenging when I was working from a portable kit of tools, so I didn't create masses of new pieces in the two days we spent together, but the exchanging of ideas was very fruitful, and was aided no doubt by the decadent chocolates she sells - oh divine!  I am excited about the continued development of this collaboration, with new shapes of cabochons depicting the night sky over mountains, and the perfecting of the frosted look of the glaze on the wee pieces of clay.  Now that I'm back in my own studio, the jewellery designs to compliment the clay pieces can be more substantial, and incorporate more silver.  My wee torch just couldn't tackle all the grand ideas I had in my head at Alexis'!  So we'll see where this all leads, but it sure is exciting to have put two heads together and come up with a focus for a new line of jewellery that incorporates such beautiful pieces of glazed clay.  There is nothing quite like crystalline!  Thank you to Alexis for inviting me to share in this project, and to everyone who stopped by the open studio to see what we were up to!  Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Those pieces look wonderful! Very intrigued by the crystaline...