Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hard at it.

What a week!  Churning out the jewellery like never before!  Phew!  The Folk Festival is coming up, and we're fitting in a wee camping jaunt before that, so the pressure is on!  I've made some exciting new pieces in the Crystalline Cabachon series, and I've got another series that I think I'll call Investment Properties (oooo...the mystery....). Both will make their public debut at my booth at the Folk Festival.  I also managed to finish up a commission that I've been working at for some time.  Sense of accomplishment is running high right now, and yet I still see miles to go before I sleep!  I will be filing and polishing silver at the campsite I do believe!  One thing that's made life easier is the arrival of my new mini drill press.  A gorgeous little machine that makes the delicate operation that is drilling 20 or 22 gauge holes much less back-breaking. (See first image: back-breaking, second image: aah, not back-breaking!) She is Chinese, so the language barrier upon our introduction was amusing.  Some snippets:
"It is of novel design, small and exquisite bulk, handy carry.  The cent of product has no class to adjust soon with single soon two kinds."
"It for bids to wear gloves, do not bare the body not knot tie while operating."
"The operation please read the manual before."

And the garden is once again holding her own.  It took years, but finally I can let it do its thing, while I do mine.  Still some gaps to fill in, but for the most part, at most times of the summer, there's a blooming jungle out there.

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