Saturday, July 2, 2011

See How it's Made

Well the weeks do fly by!  The Annual Member's Exhibit is up and looks fabulous, as does the exhibit in the Annex Gallery: Flourish, an exhibition of Aboriginal Craft.  Be sure to drop in to Devon House and have a peek.
This week I've been absorbed with finishing a commission.  A bit of sculpture, not jewellery, though I did use sterling silver.  It is interesting how the challenges of working on a small scale morph into different challenges when working on a larger scale.  Some things are easier, but other things are a whole lot harder!  Like soldering larger sheets of silver!  It was all my torch could manage to get the heat high enough for the solder to flow.  I'm pleased with the end result and once my customer has seen the finished product, I will post a photo.

So now what's this image at the very top of this post about, you say?  Well, that's my next endeavor!  I'm collaborating with Alexis Templeton (that's her gorgeous plate, above) on a crystalline cabochon jewellery project on July 8th and 9th at her studio.  The link to the event is here:  Alexis makes the most exquisite crystalline glazes and she's invited me to her studio for this collaboration.  She will make porcelain clay cabochons, glaze them in the crystalline glaze, and I will set them in jewellery.  Neat eh?  I'm so excited about the possibilities of crystalline glazes alongside silver, copper, and brass!  I'm imagining brooches and pendants mostly but it's all a grand experiment, so we'll see what evolves.  Alexis' studio is located at 75 Quidi Vidi Road and we'll be there all day Friday and Saturday, so please drop by and say hello!

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