Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabricating for the Folk Festival!!!!

What a whirlwind few weeks this has been! A great trip around the bay, caught some fish, rowed and rowed and rowed a punt, and in the spare moments worked on jewellery.  Only so many things are portable projects though, so this week has been a steady exercise in disciplining myself to work down through my list and get as much as possible ready for the Folk Festival this weekend.  I love having a booth in the craft tent there.  It's such a great venue, especially when the weather cooperates, and the bonus is getting to hear all the great music all day long!  And what an exciting line-up this year.  I've heard that Friday night is sold out already.

So I've got two new series of jewellery I'm excited to be launching at this year's folk festival: above is the series of pins I've titled Investment Properties.  They're etched silver and copper, each one unique, and I'm thinking of doing custom houses in this same vein.  The other series I've been working on in collaboration with Alexis Templeton (  She made porcelain cabochons and glazed them in her signature crystalline glazes.  Then I set them into jewellery: necklaces and brooches so far.  We'll see what comes next...  I'll also have a great selection of silver earrings in a variety of styles.  In copper, I've etched some earrings in new designs, along with some in my new popular cattails pattern.

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