Saturday, August 13, 2011

Post fest activities rolling on!

Isn't that idyllic? That was last night.  What a beautiful evening on the water.  And moments after we got in the skies opened up and it POURED!  But the miserable weather seems to have broken (briefly?) because of it, and today is sunny and warm.  Wonder if summer is starting now???  It better not steal Fall!  There's no better season than that.

Well after the turmoil that was the Folk Festival last weekend, everything turned out all right in the end.  It was great to hear from customers, new and returning.  And to get such positive feedback on my new products.  The jewellery with Alexis' crystalline cabochons was very well received, which makes me excited to make more of it.  I've already picked up two new "stones" from her this week; they're a beautiful deep rich blue.  And my Investment Property brooches in silver and copper made many people smile.  I've just dropped some off at the Shop in Devon House.  It will be fun to do custom orders of them too, if people want a particular house done.  It's always great to chat with other crafters at the folk fest as well, and do a bit of trading.  It was a great surprise was to see one of my instructors from Haliburton there as well! 

We had a house full of family as well, so the weekend turned into a week of activities.  I hadn't been on a bird/whale tour in many years, so that was fun.  Seriously: is there any bird cuter than those wee puffins?  I did, however, confirm that I do still get sea-sick.  Boo.  Some shopping with Mom, Tea in the Crypt, Folk Night at the Ship to hear Gordie Tentrees (since I missed his act last weekend), the quilt shop, finishing up a course at MUN, phew, we fit a lot in!
And now I'm working on a few little orders from the folk fest, looking ahead to new production, and getting my kiln up and running, but I need an electrician for that.  Ugh.  Small hurdles, small hurdles....

Hey can anyone tell me what kind of flower or weed this is?  It doesn't seem to be in any of my books....  Enjoy the warmth sunlovers....  Cheerio!  Oh and go on down to Middle Cove today, the clay studio is having their beach firing.  Bring a bit of money and bring home something truly one of a kind!

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