Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some frame of reference

Took a day off in the studio to go daytripping in search of blueberries.  It seems we're a bit early.  The plants are easing into fall, though the summer's been so short I think they're a little confused.
This lovely fat caterpillar was happily munching on an alder.  I wish him (her?) many, many alder loving offspring.  Indian pipe are so enticing in their ghostly garb and they posed so demurely for their photo.

I have been puttering away in my studio, but there's nothing really to show and tell, so I'd thought I'd post some useful jewellery links I've found.
Recently I was getting a bit of metal sheared and discovered I was speaking a different language than the guy behind the counter with regards to the thickness of copper.  He was talking ounces, and I was confused.  Here's a helpful chart I found that cleared things up:

Another conversion I find I am often making is between grams and troy ounces.  This quick link gives you an instant answer:

For the hardness of gems, a rudimentary chart can be found here:

International ring sizing methods vary considerably!  This is a very useful link to help determine what size you're looking for, or convert from a size you know you have:

If I encounter technical roadblocks when I'm fabricating jewellery, there are two sources I tend to check first.  Most jewelers are familiar with Ganoksin, their "Tips from the Jeweler's Bench" archive is great for getting lost in:

I also find the folks on the Starving Jewelry Artists forum very helpful:

One more resource that is probably very helpful, but I just haven't checked often is Rio's (newish?) blog: The Studio:

Hopefully you'll find these to be of some use.  If you have useful links you'd like to pass along, please feel free!

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