Friday, December 2, 2011

A busy weekend for most

This weekend there are a lot of crafters opening their studios up to the public for some pre-Christmas context to the artistic pieces they create.  I'd thought about having one myself, but I feel far too scattered this year, to do a nice job of it.  I'd like to feel prepared for such an endeavor, and right now I feel like I'm just keeping my head above water, dog-paddling towards the post-Christmas season, when I envision I will start to feel the solid earth beneath my feet again.  Such is the life of a crafter, I suppose, and yet others are organized enough to host open studios on top of all the craft fair commitments, orders, and other festive obligations that crowd our lives.  Next year, I will participate in this weekend of open studios.  There.  I've written it down for the world to see.  (eeek!)  There will be gingersnaps.

SO, if you are about town this weekend, Dec. 3rd & 4th, here are a few places you might choose to poke your head in and see what's happening:

Charlottestreet Clothing  Saturday, 1-5pm, 20 Barnes Rd.
Alexis Templeton Studio 's "Glorious Goblets" Event, Fri 7-9, Sat & Sun 11-6, 75 Quidi Vidi Rd.
Running The Goat Press Saturday & Sunday, 10-4pm, 8 Mullock St.

Other great stops on your studio explorations this December might be:
Blue Moon Pottery Tuesday - Saturday, 10-6 (Saturdays in Dec. are tax-free!), 17 Outer Battery Rd.
Leyton Gallery of Fine Art New Works for Christmas exhibit, Dec 3-24, Tues-Sat 11-5pm, 6 Clift's-Baird's Cove.  Here's a fine example of new work by Philippa Jones, who's work was very poetically reviewed in The Telegram:

"Life's not a walk in the park with you, but I like the wilderness", by Phillipa Jones

These are just a few of my favourite's, but if you look, you'll find talented local artisans tucked into most nooks and cranny's of this fine city. 

Next weekend is the annual Anna Templeton Tea and Sale.  I will have a booth of my jewellery on the second floor.  The fair runs Friday December 9th, 12-9pm, and Saturday the 10th, 10-5pm.  I'm so excited to be participating this year!  There's no better festive atmosphere to get the Christmas spirit singing inside you than this mash-up of talented craftspeople, yummy treats, all in a beautiful historical building.  There are booths on three (!!!) floors this year!  It's stupendous! Here's a sneak peak of the tortoises that will be accompanying me to the fair.  I had thought they were turtles, but they patiently informed me that turtles would have flippers, or at least flipper-like feet with claws, whereas they clearly do not.  So in the company of the tortoises, as well as a new herd of sheep, and a couple new Crystalline Collaboration pieces, you will find me on the second floor of the Anna Templeton Centre December 9th and 10th!

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