Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resuming normal flight pattern.

The holiday season is over, and on the cusp of 2012 I feel a greater sense of the direction that I've been cultivating over this past year.  One year ago, I was diving into my studies in Haliburton, and launching this blog.  Now, as I return home from a festive break with family, I expected the dreaded dead period of winter sales revenues to allow me to tackle some new ideas that have been percolating, as well as catch up on some production of wire trees, but, as it turns out, those will have to wait.  A couple of customers have surfaced, and I haven't even been home a week!  It is very affirming.  I feel grateful to have made this choice to shift my life in such a creative and rewarding direction.  Wishing everyone the best for 2012, onward and upward...