Saturday, February 18, 2012


The internet is great.  I love how much inspiration and knowledge is at my fingertips.  However it sucks my time up in an increasingly addictive way.
For me, the morning is my best time for accomplishing creative things.  But too often lately I've let that niggling voice in my head that tells me to just check my email, to see if there's any new messages on Facebook, or to pop in to the discussion forum with my etsy team, win the first part of my day.  And "suddenly" the morning is gone.  The afternoon then coerces me into getting out of the house, and before I know it, the day is gone, and nothing creative has been accomplished.
So last week was a necessary and welcome intervention.  We fled the city and it's conveniences of internet for some cross-country skiing and a bit of ice-fishing, with only the occasional access to internet when we chose to drive into town for other necessary things, like food.  
Aaah, what an elixir.  The plentiful fresh air and the freedom to work on some wire trees, as well as an owl sketch for a piece of jewellery that was, hitherto, stuck in my head, was blissful indeed.

Repurposing the long-gone railroad.
Every 10 yards or so, coyote did the soft-shoe.
In progress.

And now that I'm back in the city, it is my determined goal to not succumb to the Siren call of the computer in the mornings, and get right down to some tangible creative endeavor.


  1. The owl is just beautiful and the piece below equally so.

  2. And they became one and the same piece! I've just received this brooch back after it didn't advance past the final selection stage of jurying for the exhibit "Superstition" at Zilberschmuck Gallery in Toronto. You could see it in person!